Smita Bakshi

SVP Academic Learning


Smita Bakshi is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Academic Learning (AL) at Wiley, a global leader in research and education, and co-founder of zyBooks, an interactive digital courseware platform for computer science and STEM courses. Smita joined Wiley when the company acquired zyBooks in 2019. In her role at Wiley, Smita oversees Wiley’s higher ed publishing programs and platforms across about 20 disciplines.As an engineer and high-tech professional with over 20 years of experience spanning entrepreneurship, education, and technology, Smita believes innovative, tech-enabled solutions can empower learners and play an especially important role in critical career-connected disciplines. Prior to zyBooks, Smita was an assistant professor at UC Davis in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She also spent 10 years in Silicon Valley high-tech companies across engineering, product management, business development and strategy.  Smita holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Irvine and an MBA from Harvard.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

4:10 pm
4:50 pm

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