Seth Haberman

Seth Haberman



Seth started three companies, two venture-backed, in New York and sold all of them, the most recent in 2016 to Comcast. Seth has been a technology entrepreneur for 25 years. He has built and sold three companies - most recently Visible World, a developer of targeted customized television advertising acquired by Comcast in 2017. The Visible World technology was widely deployed throughout the cable industry and remained the core infrastructure for household targeted advertising at Charter, Comcast, Altice, and Cox. After the acquisition, Haberman became a Senior Vice President at Comcast with oversight of Visible World and Comcast’s existing Advanced Advertising Group, Custom Services, and Strata. Before Visible World, Seth ran and sold Montage Group to Pinnacle (NYSE: PCLE.) Montage was the inventor of Non-Linear Editing and, in addition to its activities in Hollywood, licensed its technology to Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Matsushita, and Adobe. Montage’s innovative work in electronic editing earned an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Montage also developed and sold a line of tactile feedback controllers and associated IP to Immersion (NYSE: IMMR) Before Montage, Seth co-founded Software Tools Corporation that architected and implemented early versions of systems to automate content generation. Customers included IBM and Prodigy. Seth was previously a research scientist in Artificial Intelligence, working for Roger Schank at Cognitive Systems and a video game designer.

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