Sarah Smirnoff

Sarah Smirnoff

Executive Director, New Product Development


Sarah Smirnoff is Executive Director of New Product Development at ETS. Sarah’s expertise is in developing educational technology products for learners and educators together with creating and leading programs with innovation practices.  She leverages experience in education reform with a background in arts and technology to deliver highly engaging products and services that meet pedagogical needs and deliver impact.

Sarah’s previous work includes leading the knowledge management department at New Visions for Public Schools, project and product management at Amplify Learning (formerly Wireless Generation), and leading ideation and implementation of new products and solutions at Learning Ally.  

At ETS, Sarah works with innovative leaders across the organization to develop products for the K12 classroom, adult learning space, higher education, and workforce. Her teams borrow heavily from lean startup techniques, using design thinking and agile methodologies to gather feedback from learners, educators, and industry to ensure the needs and problems of users inform the design and implementation of tools, resources, programs and products.

Monday, August 9, 2021

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