Robert Kim

Robert Kim

Managing Director


Currently:Spearheading impact investing at JLIN. JLIN is a mission-driven firm established by a professional basketball player Jeremy Lin to impact culture. Our mission is to mobilize our resources – influence, expertise, relationships, capital – to create opportunities, remove barriers to equity, and instill hope for marginalized youth and communities. Investment Committee member at Access Ventures, a private operating foundation committed to building a more inclusive and creative economy by changing the way the world invests. Previously:Worked with families/foundations to manage impact investing portfolios at Caprock, a $8B multi-family office.Venture investing at several shops.Management consulting at Accenture.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3:00 pm
3:40 pm

Tongue Tied: Driving Financial Literacy and Language Fluency

Harbor I, Level 2

On the Edge of Proficiency: The Most Effective Forms of English Language Learning