Ravi Bhushan

Founder & CEO

BrightCHAMPS Tech Pte. Ltd.

Covid-19 was just the catalyst. In reality, it was a lifetime of unconventional, non-institutional learning that led to the birth of Ravi Bhushan’s BrightCHAMPS in August 2020. He had always known that traditional educational systems lacked the agility to impart the life skills that kids will need in the future, but the learning loss during Covid made the feeling just that much more acute. Ravi started subverting the norm at 7, when he formulated a homeschooling plan. He later went on to graduate from the IIT-Varanasi, & in the process swept every coding honour in the country, including the prestigious Yahoo Global Hackathon. It’s no wonder then, that Ravi is leading the global educational innovation revolution, with operations in 30+ countries, teaching kids from 6-16 next-gen life skills such as coding, robotics, financial literacy, and communications. To quote Ravi, “We exist to bridge the wide gap between school education & kids’ real learning needs to empower students all over the world to be technologically, financially, & socially smart.” Ravi’s vision is backed by distinguished investors such as GSV Ventured, Premji Invest, 021 Capital, and Beenext.Over the years, he has donned multiple avatars in Decho Corporation, Syncapse, Clickable, Housing.com (Elara Group) and PropTiger to help them achieve technological revamps, & revenue & growth goals, before becoming an angel investor & advisor to other startups in 2019, and finally launching BrightCHAMPS i