Ramona Schindelheim

Ramona Schindelheim



Ramona Schindelheim is the editor-in-chief for WorkingNation, the nonprofit media company reporting on solutions to the employment and career challenges now facing American workers.

For the past five years—even before COVID-19 disrupted the workforce even further—WorkingNation has been shining a spotlight on the ways business, educators, nonprofits, and civic leaders are working to ensure that all jobseekers and workers have the skills and opportunities needed to find meaningful, family-sustaining careers in an ever-changing economy. The company shares its reporting through articles, videos, podcasts, live events, and on its website, WorkingNation.com.

As editor-in-chief, Ramona oversees the editorial content of WorkingNation, writes regularly for the website, hosts the weekly podcast Work in Progress, and is a frequent moderator for panels focused on issues surrounding today’s workforce.

Ramona is a veteran financial journalist who has worked for CNBC, ABC News, and The Wall Street Journal. As an executive producer with CNBC, Ramona guided three daily business news shows, produced numerous documentaries, and launched the talk show Conversations with Michael Eisner. Her signature live programming took shows like Power Lunch to dozens of cities around the country, examining the local economy and interviewing Fortune 500 CEOs.

At ABC, Ramona was the business editor, leading coverage of such major events as 9/11, the Enron scandal, and the housing-market collapse. At the Wall Street Journal, she was executive producer for the newspaper’s first digital documentaries, which featured her interviews with financial leaders and policymakers.

Ramona’s national and local awards include two Emmys, two Peabodys, two Golden Mics for investigative journalism, and a Gracie award. She is also an Encore Public Voices Fellow.

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