Nirmit Parikh

Nirmit Parikh

Founder & CEO

Nirmit Parikh is on a mission to empower the rising workforce of India and continuously solvethe problem of unemployment poverty and education with the use of the latest technology.With a decade of experience in companies like Apple and Intel Nirmit is now on a mission toempower the rising workforce in India. As a serial entrepreneur he has created impactful andprofitable enterprises. In his latest venture as a social-preneur he has formulated the idea of anetworking platform for the rising workforce in the country.Nirmit’s first start-up was at the age of 21 and was called Incone which specializes in damautomation to control floods and eliminate the devastation of flash floods. His work in this arealed to his becoming a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Later he founded Cruxbot – aplatform that summarised websites – which was acquired by Kno and then Intel. Thisdevelopment made him shift to Silicon Valley as Intel’s director of data analytics. Later he wenton to work at Apple working in product and strategy at iPhone Ops.In order to solve the unemployment problem Nirmit returned to India to launch a digitalemployment platform for the rising workforce. His aim with Apna is to connect more and morepeople to job opportunities by helping them build a digital professional identity network withsimilarly minded people and upskilling. The app is a breakthrough in economically uplifting thefamily incomes and raising the standard of living. His

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