Nicolas Fuenzalida

Nicolas Fuenzalida

Co-Founder & CCO

Nicolás is the Co-Founder of, a language learning Startup of Latin America with one of the fastest growths in the region since the pandemic. In the 2010s he was the CEO of Africa Dream Foundation, sending professional volunteers to many countries in Africa. Today he still cooperates with the NGO, as chairman of the board. He has worked for over a decade in language learning models, becoming an expert in new language acquisition models, educational commutities development and growing an Edtech business in different countries. Nicolás has a degree in Philosophy (UAH), a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology (UAI) and an innovation diploma from the MIT. He has researched and assessed many educational models for language acquisition, skill-based educational models and emerging technologies for progress tracking in education platforms. Today, Nicolás is the Chief Commercial Officer of Poliglota. Poliglota has over 22,000 paying students, works with over 300 companies in the region and has raised over USD $3M, with investors like L2, Harvard HMC and Y Combinator.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3:00 pm
3:40 pm

Tongue Tied: Driving Financial Literacy and Language Fluency

Harbor I, Level 2

On the Edge of Proficiency: The Most Effective Forms of English Language Learning