Nicolas Avila

Nicolas Avila

Chief Technology Officer - North America


As the CTO for Globant North America, Nicolás Ávila leverages Globers’ technical expertise to find the most innovative solutions for the world’s top companies. Globant’s ambition for reinventing the professional services industry is executed on a daily basis by understanding an organization's business and goals, and bridging the gap with the latest technologies available from its studios of expertise to create exponential and sustainable solutions.Nicolás is a Software engineer by training, and his experience with Globant has led him to live and work in seven cities on transformational projects for some of the company’s top clients from entertainment and Ed-tech to life sciences and Financial Services.He believes in the mission of technology to enable improve people's opportunities. To do so, he believes in autonomy and empowerment as a tool to attract and foster the best talent.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

10:10 am
10:50 am

Leading Edge Tech: AI, NLP, ML, AR/VR

Coronado D, Level 4

Tech Leaders on the State of AI in Education