Nicholas Robertson

Nicholas Robertson

Supply Chain Data Scientist- Demand Plan Manager


Nicholas was introduced to the world of Data Science while working as a Supply Chain analyst and Demand Planner for Johnson & Johnson. Here he became comfortable with data mining and big data, and started learning how to create analytics and informative dashboard. He was then given a large reporting and analytics project, at which time he was introduced to Alteryx. He then updated the global reporting platform using Alteryx and Tableau and making the process efficient. Nicholas has advanced his responsibilities and knowledge of Supply Chain and problem solving over the years working in different industries, from medical device, electronics, cosmetics, and building supplies. Along the way he has relied on usability and problem solving capabilities of Alteryx. Nicholas started attending Utica University for their Data Science program as it featured courses learning advanced Alteryx skills. Alteryx makes solving issues fun and I enjoy working in the Data Science field.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

11:00 am
11:40 am

Leading Edge Tech: AI, NLP, ML, AR/VR

Harbor G, Level 2

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