Nerel Winter

Nerel Winter

CEO/Founding Principal

Cajon Valley Union School District - Bostonia Global

Nerel Winter is the CEO and Founding Principal of Bostonia Global, a Tk-14 school model focused on creating personalized learning experiences grounded in knowing individual strengths, interests, and values and connecting these to future selves. Passionate about school re-design and providing global learning experiences, Nerel has collaborated and supported schools across the nation in developing cutting-edge learning experiences. Prior to Bostonia Global, Nerel has worked in dual and multilingual learning models focused on developing student advocacy, voice, and connecting passions to global understandings.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4:40 pm
5:20 pm

Interactive Sessions

Cityview B, 32nd Floor

The Path to Gainful Employment for Every Student - A Workforce Solution starting in Kindergarten