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Naomi Thomas



Naomi Thomas is the CEO of ∞edu, building web3 tech education software and hardware for diverse learners. By leveraging gamification, mentorship, and incentives to help students learn tech skills, ∞edu is the future of tech education- not only capturing retention, but more importantly, retaining it. Naomi’s journey in tech began at 6 years old when she built her first computer. She went on to participate in Computer Science Institutes at UC Berkeley and UVA in high school and worked with Google for a year in college. Her background in computer science and business management has enabled her to develop and be a part of several different technology-driven initiatives ranging from hosting STEM workshops for K-12 students to product managing mobile/web app development projects for startups. She is extremely passionate about using her voice as a guide to help encourage other young women to pursue careers in STEM. Website:

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

11:00 am
11:40 am

Career Readiness: Expanding the Edge

Coronado B, Level 4

Scaling Gen Z Skill-building Programming for Young Entrepreneurs