Nancy Metzger-Carter

Nancy Metzger-Carter

Climate Educator

Schools for Climate Action, Sonoma Academy

Nancy Metzger-Carter is the Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator at Sonoma Academy (SA) in Santa Rosa CA and leads the Schools for Climate Action campaign. Schools for Climate Action seeks to engage the education sector to speak up for generational climate justice through passing climate action resolutions at the student council school board and national education organizational level. Nancy teaches an interdisciplinary high school course Civic Engagement Social Movements and Climate Change which focuses on systems-based climate literacy by blending civic education and climate science. Her students lead campaigns for local state and federal climate legislation and actively engage in writing climate policy as a part of academic classes. Nancy and her students worked with Rep Barbara Lee (CA-13) to draft H.Res 29: Supporting the Teaching of Climate Change in Schools and collaborated with State Senator Mike McGuire to co-write SCR53 Declaring a Climate Emergency in California. Her students have participated in over 65 congressional meetings urging bold congressional climate action while also training high school students from around the nation to meet with their elected officials. “Students need to feel a sense of agency in their future amid the climate crisis. I point them towards the power of civic engagement and systemic solutions and then I get out of the way so their voice can lead on climate policies that will affect them the most.”

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:50 pm
4:30 pm

Earth on the Edge: “Ed” Addresses Climate Change

Harbor E, Level 2

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