Nafez Al Dakkak

Executive Chairman

Nafez is the Executive Chairman of where he focuses on business development and growth. An initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation, is the largest open online learning platform serving the MENA region with almost 5M learners. Edraak’s different offerings focus on the upskilling and reskilling of o Arabic speakers across the world. Nafez is also the CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation’s London office where he oversees the foundations international and strategic partnership.  He also leads the foundations engagement with the education entrepreneurship sector across MENA and globally.

Nafez was recognized for his work at Edraak as one of the top 50 “Makers+Shakers” in education technology globally by EdtechXGlobal in 2016; and received the Order of Independence First Class on behalf of Edraak from HM Abdullah II King of Jordan in 2017. Nafez is currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Neuroscience at Harvard focused on Arabic literacy and diglossia.