Maya Gat


Branching Minds

Maya Gat is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Branching Minds, a system-level K-12 education-technology platform that brings together innovative, easy to use technology with the latest insights from the learning sciences to help districts achieve an effective multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). Branching Minds' mission is to empower all educators to effectively, efficiently and equitably support the holistic needs of all of their students; and to create a path to academic and personal success for every learner.Maya sets vision and strategy for Branching Minds' dynamic team of seasoned educators, learning scientists, and technologists - driving towards solutions to some of education's most pressing problems of practice. Maya is deeply committed to equitably improving student academic outcomes and well-being, and is honored to have the opportunity to serve over 1.5 million kiddos and thousands of teachers in nearly every state across the country. Prior to founding Branching Minds, Maya spent 17 years working with children, youth, and adults as an educator in various capacities both inside and outside the school system. She received her M.S. in Education from Sarah Lawrence College and a B.A. in Urban Studies and Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania