Matthew Rascoff

Matthew Rascoff

Vice Provost for Digital Education

Stanford University

Matthew joined  Stanford in April 2021, founding and overseeing the Digital Education team.  From 2017-21 he was the Associate Vice Provost for Digital Education and  Innovation at Duke University, where he led the Duke Learning Innovation  team. He was previously Vice President and founder of the Office of Learning  Technology & Innovation for the University of North Carolina system,  where he worked from 2014-17. Matthew launched JSTOR’s first international  office in Berlin, where he was a Fellow of the Bertelsmann Foundation and a  strategic advisor to the Robert Bosch Foundation. He led product management  teams at Wireless Generation, an education technology company and built and  launched their product development center in Durham, North Carolina. Earlier  in his career Matthew helped launch the strategy group at ITHAKA, an  incubator of higher education technology ventures (now Ithaka S+R). Matthew’s  experience also includes Google, where he worked on the Book Search  operations team. After undergraduate studies at Columbia University he did  graduate work at Bogazici University in Istanbul on a Fulbright Scholarship.  He also earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and represented the state  of North Carolina as a German Marshall Memorial Fellow in 2013. He is married  to Emily J. Levine, a historian, and has two children, Jasper and Florence.

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