Mahalia Hines

Mahalia Hines


Common Ground Foundation

Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines has worked in the educational field for more than 35 years as a teacher and principal. During her 15 year stint as a principal she serviced grade levels from elementary through high school in the Chicagoland area. Dr. Hines also worked as a coach for first-year principals, a mentor for current principals and prospective principals in Chicago and other parts of the country. Dr. Hines continues to work with school leaders of public and charter schools in urban areas throughout the country in order to develop effective school leaders who will guide others to provide the best possible education for the children least likely to receive it. In addition to working with schools and school leaders, she travels the country speaking to single mothers on raising successful sons.

Dr. Hines received her doctorate from the University of Illinois, Masters from Northeastern University and Bachelor's degree from Central State University and most importantly she is a graduate of a Chicago Public School.

Dr. Mahalia Hines was appointed to the Chicago Board of Education in May of 2011 by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and retired in the summer of 2019. She is currently the President of the Common Ground Foundation and a Member of the Board of Directors for the Obama Foundation.
According to Dr. Hines, “If you do right and treat GOD’s kids right as an educator you’ve earned one wing and if you continue long enough you will gain the other one.”