Landon Mascareñaz

Vice Chair

Colorado State Board for Community College & Occupational Education

Landon is the Vice President for Community Partnerships at The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI). His projects include the Homegrown Talent Initiative (focused on rural economic development, now scaling from eight to include 50+ districts), Youth Connections (a 12 district network focused on Social Emotional Development) and launching local efforts for community-driven change. He supports CEI’s efforts rethinking accountability in Colorado and how we might reframe the questions toward what families and communities need from the system. He leads organizational partnership and design for on community-driven, open systems across the state. He helped design and launch the Sin Fronteras Education Partnership to build a coalition of New Mexico, Colorado, and national organizations to bring community co-created family partnership strategies in the region. He co-founded The Open System Institute in 2021 with his good friend and colleague Dr. Doannie Tran, to cultivate and connect a shared discipline with emerging leaders across the country. He is the Vice Chair of the Colorado Community Colleges & Occupational Education Board, appointed in 2019 by Governor Jared Polis for a four-year term. During the first six months of the COVID Crisis, Landon worked with many organizations to help launch the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network. He lives in Denver, Colorado.