Karen Minshew

Karen Minshew

Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services

Cajon Valley Union School District

Karen Minshew is the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for the Cajon Valley Union School District. As part of this role, she oversees the instructional and support programs for over 16,500 students with the goal of fostering happy, healthy students on a path to gainful employment. Her focus within the district is to redesign the student experience through the integration of a modern curriculum and whole child design principles. The personalized approach offers all students unique experience in career awareness, presentation literacy, and coding. In addition, she has supported the reworking of district professional learning to provide online badging and cohorts of teachers who are implementing competency based learning. In her previous role, as Director of Learning Support Services, she worked to create comprehensive counseling programs for 27 elementary and middle school sites as well as implementing social emotional learning for all classrooms. This year, she is overseeing the alignment of all districtwide programs to the research in whole child development.

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:00 pm
3:40 pm

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“The Mission of Me: “ Research Based Practices in the World of Work