Julie Young

Julie Young

VP of Educational Outreach & Student Services, Managing Director

ASU Prep & ASU Prep Digital

Julie Young is a visionary CEO, educator, and entrepreneur.  As the Vice President of Educational Outreach and Student Services for Arizona State University and the Managing Director of ASU Prep Academy and ASU Prep Digital, Julie strives to create seamless and overlapping pathways from PreK to college.
Julie is the founding President and CEO of Florida Virtual School (FLVS ®), the world’s first virtual statewide school district, the nation’s largest and most influential K-12 online education provider. Under her leadership, the organization grew from 77 students in Florida to more than 2 million students worldwide. Young and her team grew FLVS into a diversified, worldwide organization serving students in 50 states and 68 countries worldwide.
In her role at Arizona State University, Julie works to create new school models that meet the evolving needs of students.  Under Julie’s guidance, ASU Prep illustrates what the future of school looks like. Leveraging the connections between high school and college provides students with a new continuous model of education.  

Julie graduated with a MEd from the University of South Florida following her undergraduate work at the University of Kentucky and is a Fellow of the 22nd class of the Pahara – Aspen Education Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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