Julia Cruz-Fallica

Julia Cruz-Fallica

World of Work Facilitator

Bostonia Global High School

I celebrate young people as they investigate their interests, strengths and values to realize their best future selves. I support students as they build their social capital and gather tools for success now; why wait until after high school? Facilitating mentorships for students via a "leaving to learn" program is an essential service for students' real-world success.I value student-centered learning which allows for exploration and creativity. Exploration includes student-driven projects, mentorships, shadow visits, and community connections. I support competency based programs which allow for individual growth on their time, not our time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4:40 pm
5:20 pm

Interactive Sessions

Cityview B, 32nd Floor

The Path to Gainful Employment for Every Student - A Workforce Solution starting in Kindergarten