Jonathan Rochelle

VP of Product, Learning


Jonathan Rochelle (aka JR) is an entrepreneur and technology product manager. He is currently VP of Learning Content and Instructor Experience at LinkedIn, leading the development of learning products which help every member of the global workforce learn the skills they need to achieve their professional goals. Before LinkedIn, JR was Chief Product Officer at Zapier, managing the product, design and Ux research teams developing workflow automation products.JR previously spent over a decade at Google, where he led the development of many products from inception to launch and growth to well over a billion people - enterprises, schools, small companies and consumers. His tenure at Google started with the acquisition of a company he cofounded, which resulted in the launch of Google Sheets and many subsequent products, through the creation of the Google for Education products team, which included the creation and launch of Google Classroom and other products. JR is a strong advocate of innovation culture, entrepreneurship and education technology and can often be found helping new entrepreneurs or learning practically any creative "maker" activity such as 3D Printing.