John Gabrieli

John Gabrieli

Cofounder & Managing Director

Trio New College Network

John Gabrieli is co-founder and co-Managing Director of Trio New College Network, a national nonprofit helping communities across the country launch innovative, flexible, low-cost college degree programs.

After teaching middle school math and science through Teach for America, John went to work on breaking down barriers to college success for historically underserved students as a Senior Research Associate at Southern New Hampshire University's Sandbox Innovation Center. At the Innovation Center, John helped identify and evaluate emerging new models aimed at increasing equity and access in higher education. Among these models, one stood out for its unique potential to drive better outcomes for students by blending the power of technology with the “human touch” of personal coaching and support: the community partner model.

Through his experiences working first-hand with pioneering early community partner students and site leaders, John became convinced that this model had the potential to transform higher education. In 2020, he left SNHU to found Trio and help spread the community partner model across the country. He is passionate about building an equitable higher education system that gives every student the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In addition to his work at Trio, John also served as founder and volunteer co-chair of the Every Voice Coalition, a grassroots student movement to combat sexual violence on college campuses and support survivors.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3:50 pm
4:30 pm

On the Edge of Mass Adoption (Losing the Sands of Time): K-16 Competency/Mastery Based Education

Coronado D, Level 4

CBE in the US: From K-12 to Higher Education