Hendrik Schriefer

Hendrik Schriefer

Co-Founder + CEO


Hendrik Schriefer is an experimental psychologist and entrepreneur. He has dedicated his career to positive psychology, co-founding Sharpist with the goal of helping organizations form an alliance between company outcomes and individual employee journeys, from first internship to retirement.  Prior to Sharpist, Hendrik built and led various teams in human resources, from headhunting to leading the HR department of his previous company Motius. There, Hendrik gained a first hand perspective on the difficulties that HR decision makers face in finding performance-driven development solutions that are both scalable and approachable. In pursuit of a solution, Hendrik studied the rapport between technology and its human users at the University of Oxford.  His experience now flows into Sharpist, a leading mobile coaching platform that supports enterprises such as DHL, Porsche, and LVMH, retain and grow their talent across the globe.  Hendrik loves to discuss entrepreneurial ideas (fun fact: at age 10 he wanted to open a McDonald's restaurant in his home town). You should approach him for a chat if you want to promote a digital mindset in your corporate organization. Should you seek a non-business conversation starter: sustainable fashion is a field Hendrik follows with passion.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

3:00 pm
3:40 pm

The “New” Competitive Edge: Skilling / Learning @ Work

Seaport Ballroom F, Level 2

Smoothing out Rough Edges: Leveraging Technology to Improve Workplace Culture