Greg Bybee

Greg Bybee

CEO, Co-Founder

Avela Education

Greg is a social entrepreneur and civic innovator focused on education, government, and the future of work.

Greg co-founded Avela Education with Professors Josh Angrist and Parag Pathak to promote equity in education through advances in market design. Avela gives enrollment, admission, and award officers the tools to make equitable decisions and empower families.

Greg also founded PoliScribe, which empowers public servants to connect with their constituents and legislate more efficiently. PoliScribe is currently used by Members of Congress and State Legislators across the country!

Previously, Greg led sales, marketing, and customer success at NovoEd, which offers an experiential online learning platform and was acquired by Fidelity in 2018. He was also a Fellow at NewSchools Venture Fund, the first PM at Coursera, the lead for VMware’s vCloud Suite launch, and a strategic counselor to executives at McKinsey. Greg sits on several education boards and advises edtech startups.

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