Fahad Alsabah

Fahad Alsabah

Founder & CEO


Fahad Alsabah is the founder and CEO of Khibra, MENA’s first college recruitment platform democratizing access to entry-level opportunities. Prior to launching Khibra, Fahad was part of the Retail Practice at Bain & Company, building a regional retail ecosystem encompassing FinTech, coalition loyalty program, and beacon technology. Before joining Bain & Company, Fahad led various projects as part of the Business Development and M&A team at Alghanim Industries, including mergers, acquisitions, optimizations, and regional expansions. Fahad is currently a 2nd-year MBA student at Harvard Business School and holds a bachelor’s of science in finance from Kuwait University.

Monday, April 4, 2022

4:40 pm
5:20 pm

No Edges: Driving a Global Learning & Skills Revolution

Coronado E, Level 4

Early Innings: EdTech in MENA