Edwin van Rest

Edwin van Rest

CEO and Co-Founder


Edwin van Rest is co-founder and CEO of Studyportals – the global marketplace for higher education. He is a grateful beneficiary of and a true believer in international education. As part of his engineering studies, Edwin spent time in Japan, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, where he learnt firsthand how international education enriches lives and can connect our world. Through Studyportals he wants to simulate and help students to make an informed choice and broaden their horizon, while making our world a more equal and more tolerant place.

Description Business / Organization:
Studyportals is the global marketplace for higher education: enabling students to find and compare all their study options across borders and online and enroll in the ones that fit them best from an academic, career, financial and personal perspective. We served 45 M unique users in 2020, resulting in over 151,000 international enrollments.

Universities use Studyportals to optimize their student population, on the basis of results. They can grow, improve or diversify their (international) student flows and only pay for actual results. Fully digital and transparent: universities are fully in control of all their content – no chance of misrepresentation to students or fraud. Studyportals has over 3,750 participating universities from 118 countries and territories around the globe.

We focus on quality from both a student as well as a university perspective: offering best information for students, as well as low-effort, cost-effective, and result-based marketing for universities. It is the biggest international education and student dataset in the world using AI to best understand and optimize the match between a learner and a learning opportunity.

We are built on the core belief that education without boundaries enriches lives and connects our world.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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