Yaki Dayan

Yaki Dayan

Founder & CEO

EdTech Israel & IES Summit

Dr. Dayan is an EdTech visionary, ecosystem builder, and a recognized expert in education innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Dayan founded EdTech Israel in 2014 with the vision to transform startup-nation to EdTech-nation. EdTech Israel is a nationwide, unbiased, independent social impact business that successfully connects the Israeli ecosystem with international markets.

EdTech Israel is an ASUGSV event partner and the organizer of the Israeli EdTech delegation to the ASUGSV.

Dr. Dayan holds a BSc in Electronics Engineering from the well-renowned Technion in Haifa (1982), and a PhD in Education from the University of Haifa (2014).

Wednesday, August 11, 2021


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