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DeLonn Crosby is the CEO of SayKid, an education technology company that has developed the world’s 1st screenless, play-based learning system - the ToyBot. The ToyBot blends voice technology with tangible play to help kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way - kids play the role of teacher. The company has received numerous awards including the Grand Prize in the Amazon Alexa EdTech Challenge and has been recognized by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education as one of the organizations with the greatest potential to transform early learning. Prior to SayKid, DeLonn led product development and growth for two early-stage, venture-backed organizations that have achieved successful exits. Earlier in his career, he held leadership roles at larger organizations such as Google, Target, and Deloitte, where his work intersected technology, consumers, and social impact. DeLonn is a graduate of Harvard Business School, the University of Minnesota, and Normandale Community College. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and three kids - Ella, Callahan, and Will - who manage QA. You can see his TEDx Talk about transforming education here:

Monday, August 9, 2021

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