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DeLonn Crosby



DeLonn is fanatical about ensuring all kids have access to a high-quality early education. As CEO of SayKid, he’s created the ToyBot - the world's 1st screen-less, play-based learning system. By combining voice technology with tangible play, the ToyBot helps kids learn in a socially-engaging way - without a screen! The company has been recognized by Harvard as one of the organizations with the greatest potential to advance high-quality early learning and recently won the Grand Prize in the Alexa EdTech Challenge. Prior to SayKid, DeLonn led product / strategy at two high-growth, venture-backed tech startups (two exits). Earlier in his career, he held leadership roles intersecting technology, consumer behavior, and social impact at Google, Deloitte, and Target. When he’s not running SayKid, he’s chasing his 3 kids - Ella, Cal, and Will - who happen to lead QA. You can see his TEDx Talk about transforming education here:

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

10:10 am
10:50 am

Tip of the Spear: Early Childhood (In Partnership with Sesame Workshop)

Harbor C, Level 2

Early Childhood AI and Voice