Darren Swinney

Darren Swinney


Chicago CRED

I’m Darren Swinney I am participate at CRED. I would say I’ve become a much more humble person since joining CRED. Before CRED I was always very angry and upset about things I couldn’t control or didn’t have answers for, I also was in denial about things that couldn’t see myself. CRED has helped me identify them things and are still helping me work on them to become a better me. I can say if anyone enter this program with the mindset to really change will be successful. Yes I still have my days but we do self check in everyday to help you express what’s on your mind. I’ve gained more self control more positive ways to think more positive ways to get around this. I’m able to reach out to people that will actually help me out with problems. It’s an amazing program never seen nothing like it in my 26 years

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:00 pm
3:40 pm

Spotlight Channel

Seaport Ballroom G, Level 2

Reducing Gun Violence in Chicago