Danielle Ramo

Danielle Ramo

Chief Clinical Officer

BeMe Health

Danielle Ramo, PhD is a clinical psychologist, researcher in teen mental health, and Chief Clinical Officer at BeMe Health, a mobile platform designed to improve teen mental health and wellbeing. Dr. Ramo previously served as Senior Director of Research at Hopelab, where she made and evaluated behavior change technology for young people, and began her career leading a research lab at in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Francisco. Dr. Ramo’s research has focused on using digital social tools (e.g., social media) to understand how young people are communicating about health behavior and to design and deliver interventions that improve their health. She is widely published in the fields of adolescent development and mental health and she speaks to teens and parents about teen mental health and substance use in the digital age.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4:40 pm
5:20 pm

All People Deserve to Flourish: Solving the Mental Health Crisis

Harbor D, Level 2

The Kids Are Not Alright: Solving the K-12 Mental Health Crisis