Daniel Buelhoff

Daniel Buelhoff

Co-Founder & CEO

Craftie Fox Inc. dba Storypod

Daniel Buelhoff is a serial entrepreneur from Berlin Germany nowadays residing in Miami FL. In 2006 Daniel co-founded his first startup - gaming company Smeet - which raised +$15M of Venture Capital grew to over 35M players and 8-digit annual revenues and which was ultimately acquired by Orange Games. Daniel also founded and bootstrapped eCommerce startup Gourmesso in 2013 which advanced to be the online market leader for compatible coffee pods in Germany and the US. In 2016 Daniel expanded his eCommerce operations into categories like Sports Equipment Household Goods Food & Beverage Supplements Pet Food & Toys et al. to generate 8-figure annual sales with the ManuCo Group which was exited in March 2020 and rolled up into the Stryze Group. His latest venture is Storypod an award-winning child-directed IoT audio system igniting children’s love of learning through interactive screen-free edutainment.Prior to his entrepreneurial career Daniel earned a Diploma in Business Administration at the Technical University of Berlin and University of California Berkeley. After graduation Daniel went into Management Consulting and ultimately held a position as Senior Project Manager at Homburg & Partner - a strategy consulting boutique specializing in Marketing Sales and Pricing – servicing fortune500-companies globally.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

10:10 am
10:50 am

Tip of the Spear: Early Childhood (In Partnership with Sesame Workshop)

Harbor C, Level 2

Early Childhood AI and Voice