Dan Vigdor

Dan Vigdor

Founder and Executive Chairman


Dan Vigdor, Founder and Executive Chairman of ThriveDX (formerly HackerU), is spearheading global expansion and leading the charge to empower the global workforce with the in-demand digital skills that the cyber and digital industries demand. ThriveDX is a global leader in providing training and education in cybersecurity and other digital skills. With over a decade of experience as Israel's premier, digital skills and cybersecurity technology education provider, ThriveDX partners with top-tier academic institutions world-wide to offer advanced, professional development programs in digital technology. ThriveDX’s dedicated research and development teams ensure all digital and cyber curricula remain relevant to current industry standards and aids students in developing the skill sets they need to acquire life-long careers in the digital workforce and enables them to re-shape their path in life.In a previous venture Vigdor founded, BornFree Holdings, he built a company that changed the landscape of the baby bottle industry, being the first company to come out with a fully BPA free (toxic free) baby bottle line in the USA. BornFree quickly rose to be the choice baby bottle for mothers, the number one “lifestyle” brand with distribution across America. Soon after the FDA changed the law and forbade BPA in all baby bottles in the USA.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

4:40 pm
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Edging to 1 Trillion – Building & Investing in EdTech

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EdTech as Export