Aneel Chima

Aneel Chima

Director, Division of Health and Human Performance & the Stanford Flourishing Project

Stanford University

What is the future of flourishing? Aneel's work examines how humans flourish individually and collectively in an emerging future where change is exponential, tech is everywhere, and culture is transforming in uncertain ways. Aneel directs the Division of Health and Human Performance and is the founding director of the Stanford Flourishing Project. He also co-convenes the Flourishing Academic Network (FAN), a national consortium of university centers and institutes committed to evolving higher education to more effectively support wellbeing, and co-leads the Wellbeing, Innovation, and Social Change in Education (WISE) Network, an international group of 60 university teams reinventing how we develop the next generation of global change-makers and leaders. Aneel's recent work appears in Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and elsewhere.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

10:10 am
10:50 am

All People Deserve to Flourish: Solving the Mental Health Crisis

Harbor D, Level 2

Mental Health and Reimagining How We Work