Alex Perry

Policy Advisor, Foresight Law + Policy

College in High School Alliance

Alex Perry has spent the last decade working in education policy and advocacy to advance the goals of his clients. A core focus of his work has been the support of innovative educational models, and he has collaborated with industry stakeholders to secure significant policy achievements on behalf of clients in the areas of K-12, higher education, and career and technical education. Alex’s skills include federal advocacy, policy analysis and development, partnership building, coalition management, grant writing, and grant support.

In addition, he has specialized in postsecondary transition issues, with a focus on dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high school. Alex serves as Coordinator of the College in High School Alliance (CHSA), a coalition of more than 90 national, state, and local organizations advocating on the federal and state level for policy solutions that advance high-quality and equity-focused college in high school programs. In that capacity, he serves as the lead staff person working for the Steering Committee of CHSA, and as their lead advocate.

Prior to the formal creation of CHSA, Alex worked successfully with a group of dual enrollment and early college stakeholders to include 15 new provisions addressing college in high school programs in the Every Student Succeeds Act. Since its creation, CHSA has been actively involved in reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.

As a citizen of the United Kingdom by birth, Alex first arrived in the United States as an international student. Since that time, he has become passionate about the nexus between education and immigration issues, including student visa policy. In that capacity, he has worked with several stakeholders interested in these policy areas, including institutions of higher education, to ensure that international students can use their skills to benefit the US economy.

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