Alex Kaplan

Partner, IBM Talent Transformation


Alex leads IBM’s global work around the technology required for a transition to a skills-denominated economy.  He is also a partner in IBM Consulting’s talent transformation group.  His work focuses on assisting organizations with the transition to a skills-based approach towards recruitment and talent management, and the use of advanced technologies to transform the employee HR experience. Alex is a globally recognized expert on learning and employment records (LER) and was one of the lead innovators in creating the movement towards a national LER infrastructure. He also works with IBM Human Resources and IBM Corporate Social Responsibility on the use of skills based digital credentials to make it easier to connect people with jobs and to expand career opportunities in IT for historically disadvantaged communities.

Alex is a serial intrapreneur inside IBM, having built 4 separate businesses. He has presented on these topics at the White House, Harvard and Columbia Universities, SXSW, the Consumer Electronics Show and many other forums.

Monday, April 17, 2023

11:00 am
11:45 am