Tim Chartier

Tim Chartier

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science


Tim Chartier is a professor of mathematics and computer science at Davidson College who specializes in data analytics. He consults with ESPN, the New York Times, the US Olympic Committee and teams in the NBA, NFL and NASCAR. He oversees over 80 student researchers who supply analytics to the college's sports teams. Tim has also worked with Google and Pixar on their educational initiatives. He has received a national teaching award from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). His research and scholarship were recognized with an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship. Tim was also one of the instructors in Outlier's Calculus 1 course. The impact and quality of Tim's writing, for classroom use and the general public, has been recognized with several writing awards.

Monday, March 30th

2:45 pm
3:25 pm
Everest, Seaport F, Seaport Tower, 2nd Level
Live Stream
Live Stream

Award winning professor Tim Chartier, recipient of the 2019 Alder Award, went online this Fall with Outlier to teach students calculus in a new way. Come hear the founder of Outlier.org, Aaron Rasmussen, and Tim Chartier discuss the process, implications, and early success…

Aaron Rasmussen, Tim Chartier