Rovy Branon

Rovy Branon

Vice Provost


Rovy Branon is the vice provost leading the University of Washington's Continuum College in Seattle. UW Continuum College serves over 55,000 learners annually through 110 professional master's degrees, 100 certificates and other programs. Dr. Branon holds a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology with a minor in Human-computer Interaction, from Indiana University. He has spoken at more than 100 conferences on the future of learning technology and higher education. Branon maintains an active social media presence where his educationally-focused Twitter feed has more than 20K followers. His advocacy for increasing access to higher education and workforce development has also been featured in traditional media including: The New York Times, Geekwire, Fox Business, CBS Tech Republic, The Seattle Times, USA Today, and numerous regional publications. In 2019, Dr. Branon was voted president-elect (2020 president) for the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA).

Monday, March 30th

4:15 pm
4:55 pm
Kilimanjaro, Seaport H, Seaport Tower, 2nd Level
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