Megan Adams

Megan Adams

Managing Director, Research


Megan is a PhD-trained historian who now focuses her research at EAB on the future of higher education. Serving presidents, provosts, cabinets, and boards, Megan's work has spanned topics that include the evolution of adult and graduate education, the future of work, strategic differentiation, organizational design, and student success from early childhood to early adulthood. Megan also led the creation of an immersive design fiction workshop which has now had over 1,000 higher education executive and board member participants. Before arriving at EAB, Megan worked as a consultant at Huron Higher Education. She earned her PhD in History at the University of California-Berkeley and completed her undergraduate studies at Boston University where she graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. Megan currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. and is an active volunteer for the American Historical Association's Career Diversity Initiative.

Tuesday, March 31st

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The Rockies, Harbor Ballroom B, Harbor Tower, 2nd Level
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Is business school dead? MBA applications have been in decline for the last several years. According to Forbes, “MBA programs are experiencing double-digit declines. Last year, the top ten business schools combined saw a drop of about 3,400 M.B.A. applicants, a 5.9%…

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