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Luyen Chou



Luyen Chou is Chief Learning Officer at 2U, Inc. overseeing the company's vision and standards for the learning experience across all products. Previously, he served as the Chief Product Officer of Trilogy Education. In this capacity, he oversaw Academics, Product Management, and Technology. Prior to joining Trilogy, Luyen served in a variety of product leadership roles at Pearson. Most recently, he was the company's Chief Product Strategy Officer with responsibility for the company's global product portfolio strategy. He also served as Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, and as Chief Product Officer for the K-12 Technology group.

Tuesday, March 31st

2:45 pm
3:25 pm
The Rockies, Harbor Ballroom B, Harbor Tower, 2nd Level
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2012 was the year Higher Education was said to have changed forever. The arrival of Coursera and Udacity (with EDX and FutureLearn soon after) was heralded as a watershed moment for Higher Education. While the hype cycle ran its course, MOOC platforms provided millions…

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