Angela Ceresnie

Angela Ceresnie



Angela Galardi Ceresnie is the CEO of Climb Credit, an education finance company that evaluates the return on investment of education programs and helps consumers find, evaluate, and finance these programs to increase their earning potential. She joined Climb as the Chief Operating Officer in 2016 and quickly helped shape the operations, culture, and future of the Climb, earning her the role of CEO in 2018. Prior to Climb, Angela co-founded and was COO/CFO of Orchard Platform--a provider of software and data products offered to institutional investors to purchase loans from marketplace lenders [acquired by Kabbage]. Before her time at Orchard, she spent 9 years running credit risk analytics teams at American Express and Citibank where she made billions of dollars' worth of data-driven credit decisions.

Monday, March 30th

2:45 pm
3:25 pm
The Rockies, Harbor Ballroom B, Harbor Tower, 2nd Level
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The cost of higher education continues to grow at an alarming rate, creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs to reframe how student financing is tackled by students and institutions. This discussion will explore how we combat issues of affordability and access that are…

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