Tuesday, April 18, 2023

3:00 pm
3:40 pm
La Jolla A/B, Level 2
Higher Education
Workforce Learning

Women in online learning, a $14 billion opportunity

A recent IFC study on women’s participation in online learning platform Coursera shows that online is a valuable and accessible tool for women, women caregivers, and those without a tertiary degree to develop valuable skills. It also presents a safe alternative for women, persons with disabilities, and those identifying as LGBTQ who have all said they're more likely to feel safer learning online. But women learners are under-represented on these platforms, particularly in STEM fields and in emerging markets. This gap in participation could cost companies up to $14 billion in additional revenues by 2026; and could leave behind millions of people from participating in the digital economy. Join us as we listen to experts in the digital education space and female leaders of EdTech companies to learn how they are working to broaden the access and outcomes of online education to reach this underrepresented user base and drive growth in the industry.