Wednesday, April 19, 2023

10:10 am
10:50 am
Harbor D, Level 2
HirEd: Workforce Pathways
Workforce Learning

Where You Work Matters: A New Yardstick For Mobility and Opportunity

Talent is the economy’s biggest need: workers say they are looking for work and employers are still struggling to find the right fit for their roles. Finding the right role looks different for each worker and where they decide to work can propel their career. The American Opportunity Index helps workers see which companies are achieving success across five different categories, while also helping employers identify areas where they lead and could improve. Evidence suggests that when employers understand their talent pools – both their existing pools and new groups of workers who could alleviate shortages in high demand occupations – they see improvements in time to hire and retention. This understanding comes from a deep analysis of big data, including job postings and worker profiles. Employers who couple their use of big data with leading HR practices have an even greater ability to find talent for hard to fill roles. Join leading corporate executives for a workshop on how big data and skills-based practices are improving the hiring cycle for companies across size and sector. Discussion on the American Opportunity Index: A Corporate Scorecard of Worker Advancement, new research from the Burning Glass Institute in partnership with the Schultz Family Foundation and Harvard Business School Project on Managing the Future of Work, will shed light on how firms can continue to grow and retain talent, making their workplace more attractive to potential employees.