Tuesday, August 10, 2021

BC to AD 4
Harbor C, Level 2
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Where Does the Need to Know Come From? How Project-based Learning Wakes up the Brain and Boosts Student Achievement and Equity

With all the concerns about “Covid slide” and pandemic “learning loss” educators are actively seeking ways to engage, motivate and accelerate students this school year. Consider a typical third grade science class where a teacher might ask: “Who can tell me two reasons why dinosaurs are extinct?” Now consider a project-based learning classroom where the question is: “Why do I see so many squirrels but can’t find any stegosauruses?” Which approach spurs the need to know? In this panel, you will hear from teachers, researchers and a student about rigorous PBL curricula and learn about new PBL studies that make a powerful case that K-12 students in all settings from all backgrounds make significant learning gains when offered active, challenging, authentic and relevant learning experiences.