Monday, April 17, 2023

10:00 am
11:00 am
Mission Beach C, Level 3
Equality + Access
Building and Investing in EdTech

What Does it Mean to be a Learning Company?

As a learning company, we believe that developing high-quality, engaging, and effective learning solutions requires learning from others. At GoGuardian, we learn from The expertise of our partners, including: University Partners (e.g., USC, LMU), DEI Advisory Groups, Non-profit partners (e.g., PTA), and Advisory Boards, decades of research from our dedicated Learning Science team and co-authoring research with university schools of education, and the lived experience of students and educators through our Innovation Incubator and ongoing commitment to understanding the classroom context and educator experience through our annual State of Engagement Report. In this session, we'll share a brief history of the Report and why we chose to partner with USC Rossier School of Ed, our sample audience (e.g., over 1k educators, all 50 states etc), we'll highlight of ~5 things we learned this past year from the SoE, and cover the implications of research findings and why this matters for education today. In the 5th year of our State of Engagement Report, it seemed fitting that we expand the report to include an opportunity to learn from the ASU GSV audience for iteration and improvement is core to how we operate. At this interactive session, attendees will have the opportunity submit ideas for research questions that would help expand our collective understanding of student engagement, and learn more about our dedication to continuous improvement based on efficacy research.