Tuesday, April 18, 2023

10:10 am
10:50 am
Coronado A, Level 4
K-12 Transformation
Fireside Chat

A Glimpse into the Classroom of the (Near!) Future

Innovations within traditional public schools are needed now more than ever. Join a fireside chat with five reformers: Thomas Arnett, Sr Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute whose work focuses on disruptive innovation, who will talk about the conditions needed for transformational change; Jennie Magiera, Global Head of Education Impact at Google; Jeff Riley, Commissioner of Education for Massachusetts; Bob Runcie, leader of Chiefs for Change and former school superintendent; Brooke Stafford-Brizard, VP for Research-to-Practice at ChanZuckerberg; and Alan Safran, co-founder and CEO of the nation's most trusted partner for high impact tutoring, Saga Education, a nonprofit helping the nation to get tutoring right. Mr Safran hosts the fireside chat with a vision for what the classroom of 5 years from now can and should look like, how we'll get from there to here, and what will be the new roles of the classroom teacher and a team of in-class (remote!) tutors working together.