Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Stage X
Seaport Ballroom, Level 2

Stage X Tuesday Lunch

Rob McClanahan and Helen Resor Fireside Chat

Rob McClanahan, Helen Resor, Matt Engel (Moderator)

The Transforming Impact of The Creator Economy and Potential for Education: Scott Belsky

Scott Belsky, Kevin Zhang (Moderator)

Workforce Learning Driving Equity and Mobility

Workforce learning takes the stage to address how innovations in the field are driving not only mobility but also equity. Educational technology at work in academia and in the private sector means an across-the-board shift toward in-house credentialling, thereby opening opportunities to a wider circle of talent. As companies implement novel, data-driven models for educating employees, how will all stakeholders interact in powerful new ways?

Rachel Carlson, Matt Sigelman, Johnny Taylor Jr, Chip Paucek, Joe Fuller (Moderator)

Creating an Emotionally Literate World: From Science to Software to Systemic Change: Ben Silbermann and Marc Brackett

Ben Silbermann, Marc Brackett

Unicorn Leaders Transforming "Pre-K to Gray" Digital Learning Worldwide A.D.

Global innovation defines our past year and a half, and no group of entrepreneurs knows it better than these Unicorn CEOs. What does the Pre-K to Gray landscape look like AD? How are these companies capitalizing upon the opportunity of worldwide increased understanding about the importance of digital learning? Examine how these Unicorns are meeting individualized student and employee needs while boldly addressing global scale

Matt Glotzbach, Jonathan Stull, Kat Kennedy, Natasha Mascarenhas (Moderator)