Wednesday, August 11, 2021

K-12 3
Coronado A, Level 4
Restorative Justice
Return On Education

The 13th Year: Promising Models of Providing Equitable Access to Early College

Since the Pandemic, a promising education/work-based learning model has been trending. Some call it the 13th year. Others, the 5th year. While not a new idea, it’s leveling the playing field for economically disadvantaged students and students of color and providing pathways for economic mobility. It’s also easing the transition to career and college and reducing stress for teens.  Join GSV and ASA for an overview of where these programs are gaining traction, promising best practices in the field, how districts are funding the experience, and how community colleges are benefiting from these feeder programs. (Also, learn from educators and students alike about how 13th-year programs are making an impact/changing the game).