Monday, April 17, 2023

8:45 am
10:45 am
Seaport Ballroom A-E, Level 2
Stage X
Workforce Learning
Equality + Access
Pre-K to Gray

Stage X Monday Breakfast

Celebrity Voice Coach Roger Love Audience Vocal Warm Up
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Welcome and ASA Special Thank you
Chris Quazzo (Actor and Writer)

No Holds Barred. . .The Brave New World of Learning and Earning

It’s been said that crises don’t create trends; they accelerate them. The pandemic’s impact on the world of work is no exception. Taking no prisoners and providing a dynamic view of the brave new world, this group will have a lively interchange about changes that must happen in HirED (pathways to employment).

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. (President & CEO, Society for Human Resource Management)
Patrick Methvin (Director of Education, Postsecondary, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
Deborah Quazzo (Managing Partner, GSV Ventures and ASU+GSV Summit)
Scott Pulsipher (President, Western Governors University)
Moderator: Talia Milgrom-Elcott (Executive Director and Founder, Beyond100K)

Grow With Google’s Lisa Gevelber and Strada Education Foundation’s Ruth Watkins
Over 300,000+ people globally have received a Google Career Certificate, a program created by Lisa Gevelber. Hear about how the private sector continues to innovate and find ways to lead the way and collaborate to drive opportunities for great jobs and economic security.

Lisa Gevelber (Founder, Grow with Google)
Moderator: Ruth Watkins (President, Postsecondary Education at Strada Education Foundation)

The Doctor of Happiness is IN…..Live from San Diego, It’s Dr. Laurie Santos and Sesame Workshop on Children’s Emotional Well-Being

When we think of mental health and emotional well-being, we don’t always have the youngest children in mind. But when it comes to mental health, you can’t start early enough. With a little help from Elmo, Dr. Laurie Santos and Sesame Workshop’s Kay Wilson Stallings and Stephen Youngwood will discuss starting early to lay the foundation for lifelong emotional well-being—and how media and technology can help.

Stephen Youngwood (CEO, Sesame Workshop)
Kay Wilson Stallings (Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Development and Production Officer, Sesame Workshop) 
Elmo (Muppet, Sesame Workshop)
Moderator: Laurie Santos (Professor of Psychology, Yale University / The Happiness Lab podcast)