Monday, April 4, 2022

2:10 pm
2:50 pm
Interactive Sessions
Cityview B, 32nd Floor
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Remaking the Neighborhood: Building “Learning Ecosystems” Inspired by Mister Rogers

Want kids to thrive? Build them a “learning ecosystem” rich with connected learning experiences. Build a landscape where schools, libraries, early learning centers, and creative industries work together to lift every child. Build — as Fred Rogers might have called it — a neighborhood. In and around Fred’s real-life neighborhood of Western Pennsylvania, thousands of educators and innovators are following in Mister Rogers’ footsteps. Together, they compose Remake Learning, a network of more nearly 600 schools and other sites of learning that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change. Together, they’re approaching the future with insights advanced by AASA, KnowledgeWorks, and Pittsburgh’s own Fred Rogers – an American innovator who long ago used the technology of his day to advance ideas that learning happens everywhere and that every learner belongs to the future